Basic Expectations for Hosts

As a part of our global community, our hosts should make the effort to fulfill certain basic requirements:
  • Provide essential amenities to your guests. Such amenities as: Toilet paper, soap, clean blankets and sheets, pillows and enough towels booked guests.
  • Please remember to provide timely response to guests who reach out to you with inquiries. The frequency of your replies is measured by our system, we demand that hosts to respond messages within 24 hours.
  • Update availability. Make sure to change your property’s date availability when necessary. This will help you avoid cancelling requests from guests.

  • Avoid cancelling after confirming a booking. Your guest is counting on you to provide accommodation when they reach their destination. Avoid negative reviews by being mindful of your guest’s vacation plans.
  • Fulfilling Guests expectations to get positive reviews. It’s important that you provide accurate photos of your listing, and that the quality of your property does not differ from your description. In order to ensure your guests are treating your place as their own, you will also have the opportunity to rate your guests too.
  • Make sure you have enough time to clean the property before the arrival of each guest, as this makes or break each guest’s experience. It’s your responsibility to provide the guest with a quality stay.
  • Set the right expectations before the trip; provide clear information about your house rules and any important detail guests should know before their stay.
  • List all the amenities you plan on providing, be certain that they are operational.
  • Be there and support your guests during their stay. There’s always limits to the help that you can provide to your guests, but it’s always essential to lend a hand when you can in the case an emergency arises.