Why Host with Lodgee

Simple, Convenient, Secure Hosting Platform.

Nothing should stop you from monetizing your space. You can ensure an extra source of income no matter what property you want to list. There are thousands of potential guests seeking exactly what you have to offer. Lodgee provides all of the tools for you to list and manage your property as it best fits you.

Earn More

With Lodgee, your rental income belongs to you. We charge a 5% service fee for each transaction, there are no additional costs to list your properties nor other hidden fees.


You can easily access and manage your listings in your profile. Access the Calendar in your listings to choose your property’s availability and pricing. You can edit or add to your listing whenever you need.

You Set the Rules

You choose the house rules that guests will have to abide by. Subsequently, guests will be able to view the guidelines you have set before confirming. If you allow pets, smoking in certain areas, have specific rules for housekeeping or consideration for the neighbors, those are your conditions and as such, guests are obligated to respect them.


We care about the security and the integrity of your data. We use Blockchain to store feedbacks, property ownership, and information for true verifiability and transparency, while allowing each and all of our users to remain anonymous. Blockchain allows us to verify and secure sensitive information without the need of central authority or third party to validate sensitive information.

Blockchain Enhanced

Lodgee uses a tamper-proof digital infrastructure for increasing efficiency, security, and trust within the hospitality-booking space. The information stored in Ethereum’s Blockchain network is immutable and tamper proof. It cannot be altered or removed, as it is recorded in an unchanging sequence (or chain) of blocks. There’s a single source of information, a shared ledger that records the ownership of properties.

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